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This section contains extra information such as reports and papers on general nightlife issues. These articles are not related to evaluated interventions within nightlife, but they may still be useful and interesting as background information.

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Title Author(s) Category Type Year
Party drugs and party people: Examining the 'normalization' of recreational drug use in Melbourne, Australia. Duff C.
Journal article 2005
Intelligence-Led regulation of licensed premises. Donnelly N, Briscoe S.
Book 2005
Drug use and risk behaviour among regular ecstasy users: Does sexuality make a difference? Degenhardt L.
Journal article 2005
A typology of Toronto nightclubs at the turn of the millennium. Purcell J, Graham K.
Journal article 2005
Going out, sociability, and cultural distinctions Torronen J, Maunu A
Research report 2005
Drugs, Clubs and Young People: Sociological and Public Health Perspectives Sanders B (ed.)
Book 2006
When problem servers pour in problematic places: Alcoholic beverage servers willingness to serve patrons beyond intoxication. Reiling DM, Nusbaumer MR.
Journal article 2006
Bad nights or bad bars? Multi-level analysis of environmental predictors of aggression in late-night large-capacity bars and clubs Graham K, Bernards S, Osgood DW et al
Journal article 2006
Interventions in the alcohol server setting for preventing injuries Ker K, Chinnock P.
Journal article 2006
Responsible alcoholic beverages sales and services training intervention in Cape Town: A pilot study. Peltzer K, Ramlagan S, Gliksman L.
Journal article 2006