Safer nightlife: best practice for those concerned about drug use and night-time economy

London Drug Policy Forum
Home Office


This guide is the new and updated version of Safer Clubbing, published by the Home Office and the London Drug Policy Forum in 2002. There are three main reasons why the guide has been updated:

  • There have been substantial changes in licensing legislation.
  • These changes have been accompanied by a growth in the nighttime economy with more pubs opening until the early hours.e
  • Patterns and trends of recreational drug use have changed significantly alongside a significant increase in alcohol use among sections of the population.

The purpose of Safer Nightlife is to help ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in, and going out to, events in pubs and clubs with particular emphasis on those who also take drugs. The document provides dedicated advice on a range of key issues including creating a safe physical environment, tackling drug dealing, reducing harm from drug use, promoting sexual health and developing a drug policy.