Prevention Interventions in Recreational Settings

Calafat A, Members Pompidou Group Prevention Platform
Council of Europe


This publication is a result of the Pompidou Group Prevention Platform work in 2007-2010. Its aim is to assist local authorities across Europe in addressing the problems related to misuse of drugs in holiday resorts, tourist towns and other recreational settings. The publication defines 'drug misuse' broadly, to include alcohol misuse. The policies and interventions related to tobacco are also considered in this publication. The special focus of the publication is on a recreational nightlife context within which drug misuse and related problems mostly arise.The Pompidou Group Prevention Platform developed the framework for the publication. In 2009 the Secretariat of the Pompidou Group collected results of its questionnaire on prevention projects in recreational settings from its Member States which provided some practical illustration of possibilities for responses available at different localities. The publication also draws on work done in Europe (both within the European Union and beyond its borders) by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the European Institute of Studies on Prevention (IREFREA) and other networks and organisations. There are references made to experience in other parts of the world, notably in the North America. Therefore, we do hope that this publication will be useful not only in economically advanced parts of the world or where recreational economy is well established already. We also hope authorities, experts and industry representatives in emerging touristic destinations and in recreational facilities of less economically developed countries (within Europe and beyond) could learn from these experiences and deal with issues in a proactive way before they grow into bigger problems. The publication seeks to explore a range of possible drug misuse prevention activities that could be delivered to young people and families during their holidays as well as in the recreational settings, and provide examples of innovative drug misuse prevention activities in holiday and leisure time settings.