Anti-Crash Operation


Road accidents are the highest cause of mortality amongst 12-25 year olds and many accidents occur while returning from nightclubs. The objectives of the Anti-Crash Operation are to:

  • Reduce road accidents amongst 12-25 year olds;
  • Reduce alcohol, cannabis, and other drug use that causes road accidents;
  • Empower young people behind the wheel / increase responsibility.

The operation uses peer-to-peer education, in which volunteers talk in a very positive way, taking into account all the risks associated with alcohol, cannabis and other drugs. They use prevention tools like bracelets (given to the drivers), breathalyzers, simulation of alcohol on computers and with glasses, flyers, brochures, and a cannabis game.An evaluation of the operation showed a change of mentality on the road among novice drivers and youngsters (18-25 years old); many youngsters think about how they will get home before going to a party, and opt to use a designated driver.