Bartender educational programme


This programme aims to decrease alcohol consumption among patrons in student pubs by server-training programmes. Educational programmes were given to bartenders (n=40) in a randomized design in six of twelve pubs on a university campus. Bartenders in control pubs were not given the programme. Breath alcohol concentration (BAC), expressed as a percentage, among the patrons, and the reported social atmosphere in the pub was measured on a visual analogue scale in the pub before and after the intervention programme was given. BACs of patrons in the intervention pubs reduced by more than those of the patrons in the control pubs at a 1-month follow-up. The mean difference in BAC between intervention and control groups was - 0.011%. Alcohol levels among the patrons decreased and rowdy social atmosphere reduced in the intervention group. Server-training programmes for personnel in student pubs could be a component in the prevention of alcohol problems in university student populations.