In Italy, the number and gravity of car accidents occurring at night and during weekends increases dramatically (ISTAT, 2007). Moreover, these accidents frequently involve young people, who are more likely to go clubbing. The outreach project implemented by the association Ala Milano Onlus, works inside the clubs of the city of Milan. It aims to prevent harm from the consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances.The project involves: dissemination of information via Designated Driver Intervention leaflets; drug free afternoons in clubs that are open for those aged under 18; video with preventive messages in the clubs; training for staff; and support for organisations for safer events/concerts. The project uses interactive media, such as a blog to continue relationships with customers (use of facebook/secondlife).To evaluate the project, a group of drivers who participated in the intervention (DDs N=124) was compared to a group that did not (non-DDs N=139). Results: (1) DDs' mean BAC was significantly lower than non-DDs', but (2) the incentive motivated just 5% of DDs to drink less and (3) there is a bias in the selection of DDs that present a lower DUI risk profile than non-DDs.The effectiveness of the intervention does not seem to be supported by strong evidence.