drugsenuitgaan.nl website

Contact name: 
Marloes van Goor
Scientific researcher
Trimbos Institute Utrecht
Da Costakade 45 - 3521 VS Utrecht Postbus, The Netherlands



Drugsenuitgaan.nl is a website for young people in the age of 16 - 25 years that use alcohol/drugs in nightlifesettings. The website provides information about substances and aiming on reducing the risks of substance use.

Intervention details

Type of intervention
Prevention, Harm reduction, Environmental strategy prevention
Problem addressed
Dehydration / overheating, Illegal drugs, Alcohol, (Mental) health problems, Poly drug use, Binge drinking, Drink spiking, Overdosing, Impaired driving, Unwanted sexual behaviour
Intervention setting
Social Media
Club/ disco/ afters
Mass Media
Target population

People between 16-25 (or 35) that like to go out and use drugs/alchol.

Substances adressed
Research Chemicals / NPS
Powdered cocaine
Strategic target group (social agents acting as intermediaries between intervention and target group)

Peers night life. All info is also bundeled in infocards. Peers in nightlife settings help spreading all info.

Intervention activities
Providing information
The project uses social media to spread the messages about how to reduce risks fromo substance use. Various pocket-size flyers are provided with information about different kinds of drugs and reducing the risks. The flyers refer to www.drugsenuitgaan.nl. Staff training is part of the bigger project Veilig en gezonde Horeca en Evenementen.
Theory/evidence behind the intervention

The theory behind the website is the healthy settings theory. Giving information to clubbers and ravers together with other interventions like climate control, trained staff, chillout rooms etc will contribute to a safer behavior and reducing risks in nightlife settings.

Number of people needed
Specific training required?
Yes. Explain briefly:one had to learn the CMS behind the website and a short training in alcohol and drugs
Time required to run
6 hours per week
Other resource requirements


Evaluation details

Evaluation type (e.g. process, outcome, cost-effectiveness)
2 researches have been conducted: 2x usability and 2x customer satisfaction
Activities evaluated

usablity and satisfaction.

Type of evaluator (e.g. external consultant, internal evaluator)
Internal evaluator
Evaluation results (Outcome evaluation)

Some results: 399 people responded. Average age was 21 years. 30% of them go out 2/3 times a month. 66% use drugs/alcohol. 60% were visiting the website for information about drugs, 20,8% were looking for information how to reduce the risk of taking drugs: 70% of the respondents said they will use the tips for harm-reduction. 75% of the respondents said their ideas about drugs haven't changed after reading the website, 17% think there are more risks of use and 8% thinks there are less risks. Respondents gave an overall rate of 7.3 for the website.

Second part of the research was about usability of the website. 5 random young people in the age of 18-24 years got 11 tasks to do like find the help section on the website, what are the risks of ketamine, what are the risks of combining alcohol & GHB etc. All 5 completed these tasks quickly. The website was considered well made, easy access and navigation. Only small suggestions for improvement were mentioned.

Evaluation references

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