Tourism, nightlife and violence: a cross cultural analysis and preventive recommendations

Calafat A, Blay N, Bellis M et al.


At first glance, violence and tourism do not seem closely related. Holidays are that time in which we get away from our daily routines in search of fun and rest, somewhere different, spending leisure time with family and friends, or even alone. So people's spirits and expectations should be high in anticipation of their trip. But why do we frequently hear news about young people dying in tourist resorts after falling from the balconies of their hotels? Why do we read about fights in discotheques, in which somebody can end up having a bottle smashed over their head? Why are the emergency services saturated in some resorts, especially in summer, attending to hundreds of cases of young people poisoned by alcohol or other substances? It would seem, indeed, that the panorama is not the idyllic one we might expect.