A supplement to the 2011 ESPAD Report. Additional data from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hibell B, Guttormsson U


The main purpose of the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD) is to collect comparable data on substance use among 15-16 year old European students in order to monitor trends within as well as between countries.<br/>So far, five data-collection waves have been conducted in the framework of the project. The first study was carried out in 26 countries in 1995, while data collection in 2011 was performed in 40 countries/entities. However, results for 2011 are available only for 39 countries/entities, since the Isle of Man collected data but unfortunately did not have the possibility to deliver any results.<br/>This summary presents key results from the 2011 survey in the ESPAD countries as well as findings regarding the longterm trends. An initial section gives a short overview of the methodology.