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This section contains extra information such as reports and papers on general nightlife issues. These articles are not related to evaluated interventions within nightlife, but they may still be useful and interesting as background information.

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Title Author(s) Category Type Year
Deviance and risk on holiday: An ethnography of British tourists in Ibiza Briggs D, Turner T
Journal article 2012
Nightlife, verbal and physical violence among young European holidaymakers: what are the triggers? Calafat A, Bellis MA, Fernandez del Rio E et al.
Journal article 2013
Normalization and harm reduction: Research avenues and policy agendas Erickson PG, Hathaway AD
Journal article 2010
The cultural context of adolescent drinking and violence in 30 European countries Felson RB, Savolainen J, Bjarnason T et al.
Journal article 2011
Diazepam, alcohol use and violence among male young offenders: 'The devil's mixture' Macgregor Forsyth AJ, Khan F, Mckinlay B
Journal article 2011
But no one told me it's okay to not drink: A qualitative study of young people who drink little or no alcohol Herring R, Bayley M, Hurcombe R
Journal article 2014
Young tourists visiting strip clubs and paying for seks Hesse M, Tutenges S
Journal article 2011
Meta-analysis of the association between ecstasy use and risky sexual behavior Hittner JB, Schachne ER
Journal article 2012
Drinking behaviours and blood alcohol concentration in four European drinking environments: a cross-sectional study Hughes K, Quigg Z, Bellis MA et al.
Journal article 2011
From recreational to regular drug use: qualitative interviews with young clubbers Jarvinen M, Ravn S
Journal article 2011