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This section contains extra information such as reports and papers on general nightlife issues. These articles are not related to evaluated interventions within nightlife, but they may still be useful and interesting as background information.

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Title Author(s) Category Type Year
Consumption of new psychoactive substances in a Spanish sample of research chemical users Gonzales D, Ventura M, Caudevilla F et al.
Journal article 2013
Controlled drugs and weapons in licensed premises: a guide to best practice.
Report 1998
Could inter-agency working reduce emergency department attendances due to alcohol consumption? Benger J, Carter R
Journal article 2008
Creating safer drinking environments. Homel R, McIlwain G, Carvolth R.
Book 2001
Crew 2000 safe dancing initiative. Skelton L.
Report 1998
Cross-sectional measures and modelled estimates of blood alcohol levels in UK nightlife and their relationships with drinking behaviours and observed signs of inebriation Bellis MA, Hughes K, Quigg Z et al.
Journal article 2010
Cultural mediators in a hegemonic nightlife: opportunities for drug prevention Calafat A, fernandez C, Juan M, et al.
Report 2004
CUT. A guide to Adulterants, Bulking agents and other Contaminants found in illicit drugs Cole C, Jones L, McVeigh J et al.
Report 2010
Dance clubbing on MDMA and during abstinence from Ecstasy/MDMA: Prospective neuroendocrine and psychobiological changes. Parrott AC, Lock J, Conner AC et al.
Journal article 2008
Dance drugs and the information needs of young people. Ditton J, Khan F, Short E et al.
Report 1995