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This section contains extra information such as reports and papers on general nightlife issues. These articles are not related to evaluated interventions within nightlife, but they may still be useful and interesting as background information.

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Title Author(s) Category Type Year
But no one told me it's okay to not drink: A qualitative study of young people who drink little or no alcohol Herring R, Bayley M, Hurcombe R
Journal Article 2014
Can training bar staff in responsible serving practices reduce alcohol-related harm? Lang E, Stockwell T, Rydon P, et al.
Journal Article 1998
Cardiovascular disease risk factors and symptoms among regular psychostimulant users Darke S, Torok M, Kaye S et al.
Journal Article 2010
Characteristics and social representation of ecstasy in Europe Calafat A, Stocco P, Mendes F et al.
Report 1998
Club drug use and associated high-risk sexual behaviour in six provinces in China Bao YP, Liu ZM, Li JH et al.
Journal Article 2015
Club drug use, sexual behavior, and HIV seroconversion: A qualitative study of motivations Jerome R, Halkitis P, Siconolfi D.
Journal Article 2009
Club Drug, Prescription Drug, and Over-The-Counter Medication Abuse: Description, Diagnosis, and Intervention Hopfer C
Book chapter 2011
Clubs, drugs and doormen Morris S.
Journal Article 1998
Cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms of alcohol-related aggression Heinz AJ, Beck A, Meyer-Lindenberg A et al.
Journal Article 2011
Comparing nightclub customers' preferences in existing and emerging markets. Kubacki K, Skinner H, Parfitt S et al.
Journal Article 2007