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This section contains extra information such as reports and papers on general nightlife issues. These articles are not related to evaluated interventions within nightlife, but they may still be useful and interesting as background information.

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Title Author(s) Category Type Year
Mind the gender gap! When boys and girls get drunk at a party. Ostergaard J.
Research report 2007
Societal structures or situated practices? A review of Nordic qualitative literature on recreational intoxicant-use among young adults Maunu A, Millar EO
Review 2005
Nightlife and substance use in Tallinn Allaste A-A
Journal article 2005
The party scene of Helsinki Salasuo M, Seppala P.
Journal article 2005
The influence of personal networks on the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs Calafat A, Cajal B, Juan M et al.
Journal article 2010
Polydrug use among 15- to 16-year olds: Similarities and differences in Europe Olszewskia D, Matiasa J, Monshouwerbc K & Kokkevi A
Journal article 2009
Nightlife young risk behaviours in Mediterranean versus other European cities: are stereotypes true? Calafat A, Blay NT, Hughes K et al.
Journal article 2010
Outdoor music festivals: Cacophonous consumption or melodious moderation? Martinus T, McAlaney J, McLaughlin LJ et al.
Journal article 2010
The problem of 'just for fun': Patterns of use situations among active club drug users Starks TJ, Golub SA, Kelly BC et al.
Journal article 2010
Risky sexual behaviour and drug use in the recreational nightlife context. A gender perspective Calafat A, Juan M, Becona E et al.
Journal article 2010