This section provides abstracts from published studies that have measured the effectiveness of interventions in improving nightlife health. The studies included have been selected through a search of published academic literature.

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Title Author(s) Category Type Year
When should bars close? Graham K
Journal article 2012
Environmental characteristics associated with alcohol intoxication among patrons in Brazilian nightclubs. Carlini C, Andreoni S, Martins SS, Benjamin M, Sanudo A, Sanchez ZM
Journal article 2014
Environmental Factors Associated with Psychotropic Drug Use in Brazilian Nightclubs. Claudia Carlini & Solange Andreoni & Zila M Sanchez
Journal article 2017
Binge Drinking Associations with Patrons’ Risk Behaviors and Alcohol Effects after Leaving a Nightclub: Sex Differences in the "Balada com Ciência" Portal Survey Study in Brazil Zila M. Sanchez, Karen J. Ribeiro, Gabriela A. Wagner
Journal article 2015
Association of Behavior With Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Among Attendees of an Outdoor Music Festival: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial Kraaijenga VJC, van Munster JJCM, van Zanten GA.
Journal article 2018
Polysubstance use and associated effects at raves parties Fermín Fernández-Calderón; Óscar M. Lozano Rojas; Izaskun Bilbao Acedos; Antonio J. Rojas Tejada; Claudio Vidal Giné; Esperanza Vergara Moragues & Francisco González-Saiz
Journal article 2012
Polysubstance Use Patterns in Underground Rave Attenders: A Cluster Analysis Fernández-Calderón F., Lozano O.M., Vidal C., Ortega J.G., Vergara E., González-Sáiz F., Bilbao I., ENERGY CONTROL TEAM: Caluente M., Cano T., Cid F., Dominguez C., Izquierdo E., Pérez MI.
Journal article 2011
Alcohol and drug use among staff at licensed premises in Norway Buvik K, Bye EK, Gripenberg J
Journal article 2018
Environmental contexts of combined alcohol and energy drink use: Associations with intoxication in licensed venues Droste N, Miller P, Pennay A, Zinkiewicz L, Lubman DI
Journal article 2016
Patterns, Trends, and Meanings of Drug Use by Dance-Drug Users in Edinburgh, Scotland Riley, Sarah C. E.; Hayward, Emma
Journal article 2004