STOP ! SV - Staff training on prevention of sexual violence: developing prevention and management strategies for the nightlife workplace


Stop ! sv is a training programme designed to support a range of partners (industry - venue owners, managers, and staff - governments and administrations, and civil society organizations) in preventing sexual violence in the night-time environment, particularly within pubs, bars and nightclubs. Since sexual violence has considerable negative impacts at a community level and on the night-time economy, the stop ! sv programme focuses on increasing the capacity of staff working in nightlife (e.g. bar servers, door staff) to recognise and prevent sexual violence within the workplace, and their ability and willingness to respond through positive bystander intervention.

The stop ! sv training programme incorporates a training of trainers module consisting of a 20-hours training for local stakeholders to be training facilitators and a 2-hour nightlife workers training module, that covers (1) understanding sexual violence in nightlife settings, (2) nightlife and vulnerability, and (3) prevention and response. A training manual, PowerPoint presentations and other training materials and activities have been developed and are available to deliver both modules of the training programme.

Since the night-time economy is an active, continually changing setting, Stop ! sv provides a training programme that can be adapted to different settings and local needs. Whilst the programme can be implemented as a standalone intervention, prevention strategies tend to work best when they are driven by multi-agency commitment and collaboration. Consequently, this intervention also provides a framework for mobilising a community-level coalition to support the training programme.