Quality Nights


When partying, young people could take or be exposed to a multitude of risks:

  • consumption of legal and illegal substances
  • unprotected and\or unwanted sexual relations
  • hearing damages problems related to road safety etc.

These risks can lead to health problems, crisis situations, road accidents and possible HIV and HCV contaminations.

Safer nightlife labels and charters are global health promotion tools insuring a high quality standard among nightlife venues.A safer nightlife label is developped to reward a club complying with official standards of quality and to indicate to consumers the quality of the service provided. A safer nightlife charter is an official document signed by clubs, party organizers, cities and NGO's recognizing common objectives and specifying commitments to improve health and security in clubs and parties.

Safer nightlife labels and charters are based on strong cooperations between policy makers and administrations at city or regional level, club owners and party organizers, health NGO's, partygoers, police force, etc. In each community, there will be variations in the nightlife regulation, the settings of the venues and the risks taken by the partygoers, but labels and charters can reduce these risks by implementing standards such as:

  • Accessibility to health promotion material and information (examples: leaflets, condoms, ear plugs)
  • Improvement in the infrastructure to reduce risks such as dehydration (example: access to free fresh water)
  • The training of the parties professionals (examples: first-aid, information about drugs or law, non-violent communication, noise pollution, etc.)