Safe Nightlife in Holstebro


Safe Nightlife in Holstebro started as a project in 1999 and is now integrated in nightlife policy in Holstebro. It works to improve the inclusion of employees working in the nightlife related businesses in the prevention of violence, drug sale and abuse, vandalism and sexual assaults among young people. The aim of the Safer Nighlife policy is to create a safe environment for youngsters who participate in nightlife by having competent and responsible adults ready to help them. This is achieved by making the youngsters aware of their participation in nightlife by addressing them at educational institutions, high school and army barracks. This included information on the effects of alcohol consumption, drug abuse and risk behaviour, and risks of becoming a victim of violence or sexual assault.
Evaluation: Quantitative and qualitative feedback from participants was obtained.
Conclusion: The outcome of the pilot project was very promising and it is now implemented as part of the SSP (School, Social services and Police) preventive work in the municipality of Holstebro.