The North Coast Operation Drinksafe


Background: The North Coast Operation Drinksafe was based on the premise that elements from brief intervention programmes in primary healthcare settings could be applied to the general population in more naturalistic environments such as hotels and clubs.Objectives: To identify and intervene opportunistically with people in naturalistic environments such as bars and taverns. The program utilized the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) and a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading to provide a personalized risk assessment to patrons.Evaluation: Regression analysis revealed that significant predictors of alcohol-related injury were being aged less than 30 years, forgetting the previous night, having had another person express concern about your drinking, and binge drinking weekly or more.Conclusion: The program had high acceptance among licensees and their patrons. Patrons who are ready to change their at-risk drinking behaviour may benefit from this type of minimal intervention when presented in an interesting way in their drinking environments.