Dance Drug Safety Outreach in pubs and clubs in Blackpool (Drugline-Lancashire Ltd)


The Dance Drug Safety Project is an outreach led peer support service which utilises the pubs and clubs in Blackpool to deliver its message to night time revellers regarding safer drug use, sexual health information and general safer pubbing and clubbing issues. The project aims to work in close partnership with licensees, police licensing and venues, to promote Home Office Safer Nightlife guidelines within the area through free in-house training sessions. The project is delivered by the coordinator and indigenous volunteers from the local community. Volunteers receive ongoing drug awareness training and updates that are delivered as an extensive training package combining listening skills, outreach work skills, communication skills, health education giving, drug awareness, sexual health awareness, alcohol awareness and personal safety awareness. The different aspects of the project are well evaluated. Outcome: Increased service awareness to people using venues, increased partnership working, increased appropriate networking, increased outreach work practice, increased capacity of peer education leading to increased employability and further education access.