Enforcement against service of alcohol to inoxicated patrons


Of all drivers killed in highway crashes, close to a third were impaired by alcohol. Although service to intoxicated patrons is prohibited by law in all US states, from a third to a half of intoxicated drivers consume their last drink at a licensed establishment. This intervention was developed to reduce the service of alcohol to intoxicated patrons of licensed establishments. Undercover police officers were sent in to establishments to enforce refusal of service to visibly intoxicated patrons, as required by state and local law throughout the U.S. Enforcement of the law achieved a 40% reduction in service to pseudopatrons exibiting signs of intoxication as well as a 25% reduction in the proportion of intoxicated drivers consuming alcohol at licensed establishments. Enforcement of laws prohibiting service of alcohol to intoxicated patrons of licensed establishments provides one, and probably the only, means of reducing alcohol impaired driving.